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2006-12-12 - 2:53 p.m.

Finding the nativity

My palm pilot died yesterday. DOA, non recoverable.

Two hours later, Roland walks in the door and hands me an *exact* duplicate of my Palm Pilot and says K doesn't need this anymore; can you use it?

Freakily serendipitous even for my random world.

I'll have to run over the DOA palm with my truck to make sure my personal data is unrecoverable. I believe the Greeks call this a catharsis.

I've been buried (BURIED!) at work. Building and testing - a night test last week and trying to keep up with six parallel hardware efforts ongoing and software development and - lots of cool (boring to most humans) engineering stuff.

If you're that interested, ask me in person. I know I'm a geek and I try not to inflict it on the innocent - espescially after Alan once mocked me for quoting IEEE comm/power standards in the middle of a party. Partially drunk. Boy, can Alan mock

Luckily, I married Roland (or, as Nia says, You make a good couple; you save two perfectly normal people by being married to each other.).

I spent Sunday morning making Roland read me his IEEE Spectrum magazine cause it had a good story on the history of Bell labs circuit development and how they missed inventing the Microchip. Wait; go back sweetie and read that bit about MOSFETs again.

He made me read the digital image standards article cause he was tired of reading aloud.

I can't seem to get into the holiday spirit. Too busy; too exhausted to enjoy the preparation. Besides a Toy for Tots donation and a gift that lept up and screamed Take me to Blue leader! I've done nothing on shopping.

Besides, the commercialism really bothers me this year.

This starts with my second grade teacher. Mrs. Lawrence is creative force of nature - last year she talked my Mom's church group into spending a day pretending to be characters from Bible times and they had a riot. I think my Mom dressed in a bathrobe and a flour sack. When I was 7, Mrs. Lawrence got me to dress up in like a pink fairy princess - baby pink feathered dress, complete with glitter, crown, net overskirt and a curtain rod wand and sing When you wish upon a star.

Definitely a force of nature.
(I was the good fairy - so stop snickering about the pink, Gen. Respect the fairy.)

This year, she's persuaded Mom's circle of friends to decorate themed Christmas trees. Mom had two assignments.

First, to find cookie ornaments shaped like pigs to represent the Swedish heritage. (Even I cannot explain that one.)

Second, to find an ornament showing the nativity.
Three hours, three craft stores, Target, etc. and we could not find a nativity ornament. Wall-to-wall Santa's, snowmen and elves, but nothing actually representing the central point of Christmas.

It bothers me that it was hard to find a nativity ornament.

Oh, I'm sure we would've had better luck at speciality places like the Christian bookstore or maybe uber-Hallmarks, but it's just wrong.

All other random snippets of Theo life will have to wait. I've engineers looking querlous at my door.



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